Who We Are

The Facts

Did you know that during the 2014 midterm elections approximately 140 million Americans stayed home even though they were eligible to vote.

On top of that, about 40 million of those were 18-29. That’s the lowest voter turnout has been since World War II.

Our Mission

Show Up 2018 is a non-partisan movement to galvanize voter registration and turnout through a critical call to action asking progressive voters to recruit at least one new person (+1) to register and Show Up for the midterm elections.


On too many questions of public policy a progressive majority of our citizens favor one approach while our elected officials execute the opposite. We see this on questions of universal health care, tuition-free community college, a living wage, a racially blind criminal justice system and any other critical issues. How is this possible in a representative democracy? On election day less than half of the eligible Americans show up so the minority governs. 

Registered? Actually?

Even if you have registered to vote in the past, it is essential to check your current registration status today and understand your local voting requirements. Around the country, factors such as voter suppression laws can seriously affect your voting eligibility, and in some cases even cause your name to be purged from the voter rolls. Verify you voter registration status here.

Our Philosophy

Show Up believes that if we want our government to represent us and we want a say in the future of our country, we must show up and vote. And, if everyone brings a friend or family member to join them in this fundamental and necessary act, change is inevitable.

Show Up Team

Show Up 2018 is a non-partisan organization run day-to-day by a team of young, politically-engaged activists and creators seeking to re-brand voting and make engagement in the political process appealing to Americans who “couldn’t care less about politics.”
Show Up 2018 was founded by Dennis & Karen Mehiel, prominent New Yorkers, and the team includes: 
Lio Mehiel, Lead Producer; 
Dulcinee DeGuere, Content Director; 
Parker Luchetti Harrington, Creative Director; and 
Gareth Rhodes, Executive Director, former Congressional candidate in NY-19.