Actress Aja Naomi King Calls on Young Americans to Show Up and Register to Vote This November in New Video

Aja Naomi King, star of How to Get Away with Murder, joins other influencers and activists in Show Up 2018’s campaign to turn out new voters and encourage Americans to bring a “Plus 1” to the polls 

(New York, NY) Show Up 2018, a new nonpartisan organization designed to drive voter turnout in the 2018 midterm elections, today released a new video featuring How to Get Away with Murder star Aja Naomi Kingto stress the importance of participating in the November 6election and fight the misconception that midterm elections have little impact. In the video, Aja Naomi King calls on all those who care about climate change, health care, a woman’s right to choose, greater representation in office and want to see hateful policies against minorities stopped in their tracks to register and show up to the polls in November. The video will be distributed via a robust digital and social media ad campaign in states and districts with key races this fall.

Commenting on her decision to join the Show Up 2018 campaign, Aja Naomi King said:

“Whether it’s getting access to contraception, keeping young immigrants with their families, or making sure black and brown people aren’t unfairly profiled by law enforcement, there will be very real consequences to voting in the Midterms on November 6.Make sure your voice is heard, because whoever we elect will make critical decisions about our lives and our bodies and our futures.”

The video is part of a digital and social media campaign aimed at attracting the attention and votes of the 140 million Americans, particularly 40 million millennial voters, who sat out the last midterm elections. The campaign seeks to drive voter turnout by motivating young American voters who traditionally do not engage in the political process to register and vote, and by enlisting active voters to recruit at least one new person (+1) to register and show up for the midterm elections. Following the release of its previous videos, the Kaplan Twins PSA and One Judge, Show Up 2018 will continue to promote authentic, relatable stories from Americans of all walks of life, illustrating in short and simple emotional accounts how various policies – and voting – affect real lives.  

Today’s full video script reads as follows: “There’s an election coming up. Did you even know that? Yes, it happening! On Tuesday, November 6th, to be exact. ‘But why should I care?’ you ask. Aren’t the midterm elections the ones where they choose jobs with names like ‘insurance commissioner or county assessor?’ Well, yes, but it’s also the election we decide on: all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, one-third of all U.S. Senators, 36 state Governors, and the Attorney General in 30 states and D.C. This is a big deal. These are the people who create the laws that affect all of us every day. So, if you care about climate change, health care, a woman’s right to choose, if you want to see more young people, women, and people of color representing you in office, and if you want to see hateful policies against immigrants, black and brown people, and the LGBTQIA community be stopped in their tracks? You gotta make sure you’re registered, get to the polls, and be a voter on November 6th. You got this.”

Gareth Rhodes, Executive Director of Show Up 2018, also said:

“We’re thrilled that Aja Naomi King has joined the chorus of influential voices who are helping Show Up 2018 tell Americans that their vote – and the vote of their plus one – is needed now more than ever. Over and over again, we’ve heard non-voters say they just ‘aren’t political,’ but we know they do care about the issues that are at the center of today’s political debates. With our campaign, we hope to help these Americans make the connection between the act of voting and their ability to shape how these issues affect their lives.”

Show Up 2018 is run day-to-day by a team of politically-engaged millennials and creators seeking to re-brand voting and make engagement in the political process appealing to Americans who “couldn’t care less about politics.” Show Up 2018 was founded by Dennis & Karen Mehiel of New York. The team includes Gareth Rhodes, Executive Director and former Congressional candidate in NY-19; Lio Mehiel, Lead Producer; Dulcinee DeGuere, Content Director; and Parker Luchetti Harrington, Creative Director. For more information on Show Up 2018, please visit