With Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Looming over Midterms, Show Up 2018 Launches New Ad: “ONE JUDGE” Encouraging Americans to Vote in Key Races This November

Show Up 2018, a new nonpartisan organization designed to drive voter turnout in the 2018 midterm elections, today released a new 30-seconds ad called One Judge (video below) asking voters to consider the immense power one judge can have over laws that affect their lives and that of their friends, neighbors, and communities. The video will be distributed via a robust digital and social media ad campaign in states with key Senate races this fall, including Arizona, Florida, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Texas, and Tennessee, as well as cable television spots in Washington D.C., including on Morning Joe and Andrea Mitchell Reports. The ad seeks to encourage the 140 million Americans who did not vote in the last midterm election to show up this November, and let their Senators know where they stand on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. 
“With the midterm election a month away, the decision to put Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court is paramount on voters’ minds,” said Gareth Rhodes, Executive Director of Show Up 2018. “As members of the U.S. Senate make up their minds about whether or not to vote for Brett Kavanaugh, Show Up 2018 is launching a robust campaign to remind voters in their states that just ‘One Judge’ can make a profound impact on their lives and throughout society. After seeing this ad, we hope many Americans – particularly in states with key Senate races this fall – will see the power of their vote, and question whether Brett Kavanaugh is really the judge we want to be serving on the Supreme Court.”
One Judge is the second video in a series Show Up 2018 is releasing in a concerted effort to motivate tens of millions of Americans who do not normally vote in the midterm elections to show up this November and reposition voting as an integral part of our identity and civic duty as Americans. 
Between now and November, Show Up 2018 will continue to release content including videos that share authentic, relatable stories from Americans of all walks of life, illustrating in short and simple emotional accounts how various policies affect real lives. This approach seeks to overcome the distant relationship many Americans have with the electoral process by helping to reimagine the way people think of themselves as voters. In addition to inspiring turnout among Americans that do not normally vote, Show Up 2018’s videos seek to motivate active voters to find friends who may not vote, and bring them to the polls in November. This “Show Up + 1” approach will help enlist the help of the tens of millions of Americans who vote each year yet may have friends or acquaintances in their social networks who are not engaged in the political process.
Show Up 2018 is run day-to-day by a team of politically-engaged millennials and creators seeking to re-brand voting and make engagement in the political process appealing to Americans who “couldn’t care less about politics.” Show Up 2018 was founded by Dennis & Karen Mehiel, prominent New Yorkers and supporters of progressive causes. The team includes Gareth Rhodes, Executive Director and former Congressional candidate in NY-19; Lio Mehiel, Lead Producer; Dulcinee DeGuere, Content Director; and Parker Luchetti Harrington, Creative Director. For more information on Show Up 2018, please visit www.showup2018.org