Kaplan Twins PSA

It’s no secret the United States has a low voter turnout rate, especially during mid-term elections. As explained by the Kaplan Twins, even if you don’t think you’re political, politics are part of your everyday life. In other words, #YouArePolitical.

Every day we make decisions that are a ‘vote’, whether we notice or not. We choose which photos we ‘like’ on Facebook, or which restaurant we eat at for lunch. We share what we do and do not like on every social media channel, but what happens when it comes down to actually voting on Election Day?

In the U.S., only 64% of citizens were registered to vote in 2016. It’s time to ask ourselves the question

“Why are we constantly sharing our opinion, but rarely making our voice heard?”

Show Up 2018 is all about you. What makes you passionate? What makes you motivated? We’re a non-partisan organization run by a team of young, politically-engaged activists and creators seeking to re-brand voting and boost voter turnout. Because voting isn’t a mundane civic duty, it is most important social statement of the year. Where your opinion, voice, and status update make a real-life impact.

Take action and vote this mid-term election. #ShowUp2018